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Perhaps you’re building your first home, your retirement home, a vacation home or a commercial building. Or maybe you’re building someone else’s structure or supplying materials or labor for the construction of a structure. Regardless of your situation, we understand the complexities you face in drafting and reviewing construction agreements, finding quality supplies, finding reliable labor and keeping on task. A construction project that goes bad can be disastrous for a homeowner and ruin a construction business. We are skilled at representing homeowners, builders and suppliers in a wide range of construction-related issues, including the following:

  • Contract Drafting/Amendments
  • Contract Enforcement
  • Damage and Delay Claims
  • Defect Litigation
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Negotiations
  • Warranty Claims

Whether you are at the beginning of your construction project or in need of assistance to resolve an issue well into or at the end of a project, our team is here to help you evaluate your situation and work to get your issue resolved.

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